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Penny/Career: The OTP of OTPs.

It's for the win.

Penny/Career: Because it's for the win.
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Welcome to penny_career - Because really, Penny deserves so much more. This is a place to post fic & art related to the Big Bang Theory OTP of OTPs, Penny/Career.

(See also: Penny/Kick-Ass, Penny/Being a BAMF, Penny/baseball bat.)

Figure 1.1: Penny, being Penny.

posting guides

  • Be respectful toward all our members.

  • Please only post fic, art, and discussion directly relating to Penny/Career. There are other communities for general news & ships.

  • Please post all fiction or large art behind a cut.

  • Before you post, please familiarize yourself with our tagging system. Proper tags are everyone's friends!

  • Please include the title, author, pairings, rating, warnings, word count, summary, and any other relevant information when posting your story/art.  You know the drill. Please link to any previous chapters if your work is part of a series/multi-chaptered fic.

  • Currently, the comm works on a moderated posting system. We will grant you unmoderated posting access once we know you, though!

  • Have fun. Penny/Career. It's made of win. You can't go wrong, here.

your mods

Here are the captains of this ship. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to PM one/all of us, and we'll get right back to you.

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